About Us

Tom and Karen Karnuta are your fearless innkeepers. Still in love with Salida after many years, we look forward to sharing our love of our town, river and the mountains nearby with you.

Having traveled extensively and looking for a place to call home, we settled in Salida because we think of all the great places to live, this is the greatest – the river in the backyard, the ski area 20 minutes away, and an all around vibrant and friendly small town.

To live around here, you have to be flexible – we have had careers as varied as raft guide, construction worker, psychologist, geologist, adjunct professor at the local community college, art teacher, stay at home parent and personal chef. Now we are innkeepers! (The kid in the photo is 22 now and getting his BA in Geology.)

Audrey Spickermann has joined us as our Hostel manager. Having escaped from Silicon Valley, she speaks fluent German, and is a member of our local Search and Rescue Team. An experienced tour guide, she will be welcoming you most days and can give great advice on local activities and hikes.